I’m one of the multitude of people who grew up watching Ray Mears on TV in the 90s. Always thinking “I’d love to do that” but never bothering. Then Bushcraft blew up on youtube (mainly with people plagiarising Ray Mears!) and I was bitten by the bug. I’m a fledgling wild camper – I haven’t a clue about what I’m doing but I give it a go and I’m very drawn to the past-time. I wanted a place to record my mis-adventures that didn’t require a bank account and where I could direct friends and acquaintances¬†if they are interested.

This be that place.

Back in the day I fancied myself a front end developer and spent lots of time learning CSS and getting word press and Joomla running on xampp. But I’m old and tired and lazy so I’m happy to do this ‘out of the box’.